The Shores of Aldenor

A Brave New World

After collecting a few rumors from the locals of New Grimsby, I was most drawn to the idea of exploring the ancient ruins of a forgotten city to the North… even more so with the threat of "bearmen" that had thwarted previous expeditions! I was able to gather a few interested folk to set out, and after gathering what information we could, set out to try to discover what was behind the attacks and what lie to the North. Regrettably, not all would return from our expedition which spoke to the validity of the locals fears and warnings of how brutal this untamed land could be. 

Not but a day out, we encountered one of the local wolf packs that plague the area. Unfortunately, when we sough refuge among the trees not everyone was quite up to the task. Down one of our number, we returned to town. Fate smiled on our mission, and we happened upon the most recent ship to dock from the mainland and someone looking for work! With introductions out of the way we set back out for the ruins. 

The trip took many days to finally find where the city lie, which of course brought us to odds once again with the wolf pack and proof of these "bearmen". Dodging encounters, we entered the city on day six and were able to discover proof of an ancient people. Also, I was able to gather some  basic information as to the "bearmen". They appear to be a very of a very crude technology with basic ability to craft and use tools and weapons. We have yet to find proof that they control fire, which is exciting! They were congregating in a building of at least two groups, so they clearly have some level of socialization and structure, which appears to be an alpha driven status thus far. 

Eventually, we felt we'd tested our luck enough for one trip and began to head back. Of course, as any expedition worth taking requires danger, we turned a corner and came face to face with a group of these "bearmen"! This turned out to be excellent as we discovered that they in fact not bipedal bear anything, but a very simple people! Besting them, we gathered what we could of them and quickly made our way back to town armed with our newfound knowledge of this new world! 



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